Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Technique Tuesday - Hybrid Tutorial Address Cards

Today we have an awesome little Hybrid tutorial from our very own creative wizard team member Angela aka Toucan Scraps.  It never ceases to amaze me the creativeness she has.  Be sure to check out her Toucan Scraps Tutorial blog as she always has lots of great information to share.

We are getting ready to move house and I prepared some hybrid change of address cards today ready to mail out to friends and family after we have moved in. I thought it might be nice to share the process with you in a quick project tutorial. My cards are going to be post card style, with a pretty design on the front and my new address on the back. They will be mailed out in envelopes.

  • I set up a page in my software the same size as the card-stock I will be printing on (metric A4 for me) in a landscape orientation.
  • I set up my page guidelines to divide the page into 4 equal sections. If you don't have guidelines then draw a 2 x 2 grid the size of the page.
  • Working inside one section I created my front design. As I am going to be printing out a large number of these cards I left the background empty.
  • I used the Cantaneo BT font and one of Aria's clusters from the February 2012 Follow Your Art Kit.  

I duplicated the design in each of the remaining sections to make 4 cards

I repeated the process on a new page for the back of the postcards and added one of Angie Young's Butterflies in the corner also from her February 2012 Follow Your Art Collection.  

Example address is not real of course. ;)

My software (Serif Craft Artist) can handle multiple pages in one document and I set it up to print them double sided onto lightweight card stock. If your software only deals with one page at a time then print out all the copies you need of the front design then reload the printer with the printed card so that it will print on the reverse side for the backs.

Here is a peek at all three of the February 2012 FYA Kits.


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  1. You make it look so easy! Gonna try it!


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