Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Technique Tuesday - Digital Transfers for Hybrid Art Journal

Another awesome hybrid tutorial from our CTM Angela aka Toucan Scraps.
I love altering notebooks and art pads to create personalised journals. As well as the covers it's nice to decorate some of the inside pages too. For this journal I wanted to put some digital brushwork on the pages, but I can't put them through the printer. So I created some digtial transfers to use instead.

What I Used

* A pack of iron transfer sheets for light T-shirts at our Ryman Stationers Shop.
* Digital Image and Word Art Brushes by Angie Young from her Out Loud Bundle.
* A note book
* An Iron
* Cotton Cloth

How to make digital transfers

* Set-up a page in the software the size of the transfer sheets you will be using (A4 for me)
* Layout the digtial images and wordart on the page leaving space between each "transfer" for cutting out etc.

* Group all the images together (or merge the layers if using Photoshop or similar)
* Flip it round so you get a mirror image.

* Print
* Leave it to dry thoughly for at least an hour

Applying the digital transfers to a journal page.

* Cut around each transfer

NOTE If you haven't ironed on paper before, get a scrap piece of paper. Iron it with a medium hot dry iron (switch the steam off) and check for paper crumpling or discolouring. If the paper is still the same, try slightly hotter. You want to have the iron as hot as you can without it distorting or discolouring the paper.

* get your iron ready
* place some cotton cloth beneath the page you are putting the transfer onto
* put the transfer on the page, printed side down.
* iron firmly, moving the iron slowly for a few seconds.
* allow to cool completely then peal off the transfer paper

Have fun! Angela


  1. That is an insanely good idea! Wow!

  2. Yes it is! You and I did something similar Nicky using the Freezer paper onto that cloth and wood, but would work just as well on paper too! :) Love these great ideas to take our Digital Art to a whole new level and purpose! Thanks again Angela for sharing!


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