Friday, March 30, 2012

Morning Photo Walk

Good morning!  Today I'd like to share with you a layout done with products from the Follow Your Art - Serenity kits by Aria, Angie and Cilenia.  It's called Morning Photo Walk, done by Valerigail:

This layout is the epitome of serenity and tranquility to me.  I can just imagine being out on that dock where these photos were taken, the early morning quiet, maybe the sound of birds in the distance, and there must  have been some dragonflies buzzing around too, at least there are on this layout.  The colors in the photos are serene yet vibrant at the same time.  The flower elements that Valerie has used go so well, bringing everything together and defining the pictures of this peaceful place even more.  Even her title at the bottom enhances, showing us where she was with the photos but not at all detracting from the serenity.  I see this and have to take a deep breath and feel a lovely smile in my heart!

Here are the previews for the FYA Serenity bundles by each designer:


A lovely way to journal your most serene moments.



  1. Gorgeous photography, well designed page and pitch perfect write up by Sherry. Way to go ladies!!

  2. Lynne aka AriaMarch 30, 2012

    Fabulous layout by Valerie! These write-ups are great! Sometimes I see a layout and love it, but do not always understand why it draws certain emotions. Sherry puts into words the emotions I can only feel!! Great combination for me!!


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