Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 2012 Theme: Setting Goals to Soar

January always reminds us of looking at our lives and goals and starting fresh for the new year. 

We'd like to take this a little deeper than the usual goals.  We also want to help you listen to your inner voice and really think deeper about your dreams and help you plan out the stepping stones to achieving them.  

Yes, they can be applied to any goal or plan you might have, but we tackle them a little different.  We create journals, specifically art journals, visual journals to set our goals, plan them out, carry them through.  Hope you find something useful here to help you create your own.

During the entire month, we will offer some additional ideas and inspirations to get those creative juices flowing not only for scrapping and art journaling, but more for achieving your ultimate dreams.
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January 2012
Monthly Focus/Theme: Setting Goals to Soar

Prompt: What goals would you like to set for yourself this year?  Don’t think just the usual goals, think deeper.  Go within and really think about what makes you happy inside.  What little voices do you have inside your heart that are aching to be heard?

Grab a notebook of any kind. Find a quiet place and have your favorite comfort beverage.  Close your eyes now and breathe.  Focus on being happy and content. What pops into your head? Write it down in your notebook.

Make a Master list and create a journal page with them or just one if you like. Try and think of  at least 5 things that you would like to accomplish as personal goals, can be big or small, just needs to be honest and true and from the voice of your inner soul. 

We will use these to create our stepping stones in achieving our inner goals.  You can’t jump from “I want to do this” to having it all in one step.  Everything takes planning, deliberate, purposeful intention.

Thought Provoking ideas:

Do you want to learn to paint flowers, write it down.  Maybe you want to create your own space within your home for creative time, a space just for you.  Maybe you want to have a healthier life and want to change your eating habits? Write it down.

Don’t think any further than this for your first journal page. During the next few weeks, we will look at how to make our wishes and dreams become our realities through our Visual Journaling.

Now for the fun part!  Create your Visual Journal page using art to reflect your goals and photos too if you like.  If you are dreaming of a perfect creative space, find pictures of ones you like or the furniture you want in it. If you have a room you’d like to do it in, take a before photo too.  If you want to eat healthier, maybe pictures of healthy food or a silhouette of your vision of the perfect body.  Anything that will help you focus on your goal.

January's Art Kits were created in a neutral color theme to start our new year off.  Bringing in accent colors of any hue works beautifully with them all.  We will be adding more through the month too so check back with us.
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And to start off the month, we have some sweet inspirations created by us, the designers.  We will have lots more as we progress through the month.

Check out our Galleries for more inspirations.

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  1. i LIKE this idea very much - and you are on my list of top designers - So, i'm going to jump in on this one - soon as my paycheck hits my account! And i subscribed to the news about this journaling idea. Thanks so much for the discount.


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